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Southern Knights announce their four 2015 shows 
Click here>> 27th October 2014


South West Academy 2015 show announcements
Click here>> 21st October 2014


SPICE announce 2015 shows
Click here>> 20th October 2014


System Awareness Day - 30th November 2014
Click here>> 14th October 2014


Alliance announce 2015 shows
Click here>> 8th October 2014


Kidsgrove Scouts show announcements for 2015
Click here>> 2nd October 2014


Registration for 2015 WGUK season now open
Click here>> 1st October 2014


WGUK appoint Shirley Dorritie at Education Director
Click here>> 27th August 2014


WGUK Instructor Mentoring Tapes
Click here>> 13th August 2014


Exhibition Class introduced for 2015
Click here>> 1st August 2014


Headlines for the 2015 season
Click here>> 24th July 2014


2014 WGUK Programme/Yearbook available to download
Click here>> 15th April 2014


Thurrock Academy Cadets all ready for 2015
Click here>> 14th April 2014


Pre-order the 2014 Championships DVD/Blu-Ray
Click here>> 2nd April 2014


WGUK Championships gives us 4 Champions
Click here>> 1st April 2014


Davina’s trip to the WGI UK Regional - a new perspective
Click here>> 28th February 2014


WGI UK Regional results
Click here>> 27th February 2014


Stoke contest videos now available on UK Fan Network
Click here>> 14th January 2014


UK Fan Network - It's What You've Been Waiting For!
Click here>> 19th September 2013


Have you "Liked" our Facebook page?
Click here>> 17th April 2013


Euro News : CGN and IPE Championships Results
Click here>> 10th April 2013


WGUK crown 5 Champions
Click here>> 8th April 2013


WGUK eases the passage for new judges
Click here>> 20th September 2012


WGUK Education - Planning Your Programme
Click here>> 11th August 2010


Education documents now available
Click here>> 25th June 2009


Spintastic "On The Road" - we can help you!
Click here>> 10th July 2007


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