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WGUK 2012 REGISTRATION - Percussion


Please read the information below very carefully before completing your registration.  By clicking on the "Send to WGUK" button you are confirming you have read and understood the instructions.

To Register for Guard please click here

In 2012 WGUK will once again be working in partnership with Indoor Percussion Europe (IPE) to help raise the profile of this emerging and exciting activity.

Registration Process
- Registration should be made by 1st January 2012 and should indicate which contests you will be attending.  Additional registrations may be accepted after this date depending on demand.
- If, after 1st January, any contest is deemed to be under subscribed then the  WGUK Board may decide to remove that contest from the schedule.
- There is no qualification criteria to compete for the WGUK British IP Championships apart from you must be a registered 2012 member of WGUK.  IP units are not eligible to be member of MPA:UK.

- Currently the only "official" UK IP contest in 2012 will be The British Championships which will be held as part of the IPE Regional event in Burgess Hill on Sunday 18th March and judging will be supplied by IPE.
- If enough Percussion units register to appear at any of the other WGUK contests then consideration will be given to also supply a judging panel at additional contests.
A decision on any extra events will be made as quickly as possible after the initial registration date of 1st January 2012.
- For details and to enter any non UK IP contests please visit the IPE website at http://www.indoorpercussioneurope.org

Performance Order
- The performance order at the UK IP Championships will be determined by the order in which confirmed registrations are received.  To confirm your registration you will be sent an invoice within 72 hours of registering covering the WGUK IP Membership Fee and you will have 7 days to send payment. After 7 days, if no payment has been received, your registration will be deemed expired and you will be required to re-register.

Staff & Member Passes
Included in your registration fee will be up to 25 passes which can be used for performing members and/or staff at all WGUK IP events including British Championships.   Any additional personnel will be required to purchase a contest entrance ticket on the day of the relevant event.

WGUK IP Membership Fee:- £50 (per unit) includes up to 25 member/staff passes 

If you have any queries then feel free to contact us


WGUK 2012 Season Registration Form

You can fill out the contact form below to register your organisation for the 2012 WGUK IP Season.  Confirmation of receipt of your registration will be sent within 72 hours together with other relevant information including forms to register your members and staff.

Please fill in the form as completely as you can.

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By clicking "Send to WGUK" you are confirming you have read and understand all information above.